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Welcome to Civic Education Washington State!

For those interested,

Here is a webinar recording on "The Power of Voting: The Electoral College, Gerrymandering, and Suppression" with Michael Li Senior Counsel for the Brennan Center's Democracy Program

​​Our We The People State Competition winners, Tahoma High School, scored 8th at the National Competition!

Our Mission

 Civic Education Washington State seeks to promote an enlightened and responsible citizenry that is committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and in other countries.

*Covid-19 Notification*

Dear Students,

The Washington State Competition has been reformed to be a virtual competition due to Covid-19. As this will be our first time organizing such an event, we appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.

At this time, we are not sure what will happen with Project Citizen, but we will keep you updated.

Please be sure to help stop the spread by:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Washing your hands
  • Continuing to practice social distancing
  • ​Disinfecting your surfaces regularly
  • NOT attending or hosting parties

Please click on the link below to view an article by the Seattle Times that highlights the importance of Civic Education and our We The People programs.


If you are interested in being a part of We The People or Project Citizen, please click the button so you can fill out a form for more information.

Our Focus

  • Educate teachers who will then educate students in:
    • the foundation of our democracy
    • their privileges
    • their responsibilities
Our goal is simple: To train the teachers that will guide our youth.


This organization promotes the principles and practice of democracy.

Our Staff

All of the staff for Civic Ed. Washington State are picked by Kathy Hand herself.